WNBA(WNBA) World Ninepin Bowling Association was founded at London 1973 from former FIQ (Federation Internationale des Quilleurs). FIQ was the world governing body of Tenpin Bowling and Ninepin Bowling. Tenpin Bowling was organised within the FIQ from WTBA (World Tenpin Bowling Association) and Ninepin Bowling from WNBA (World Ninepin Bowling Association).

2015 FIQ and WTBA merged to World Bowling. Therefrom WNBA is an associated member of World Bowling.

Actually WNBA has member federations in 28 countries in 3 continents (Europe, South America, Asia). Because of different kinds of lanes Ninepin bowling will be practised in 3 discipline associations (sections).

The sections of the WNBA organises World and Continental Championships for all age groups as well as World and Continental Single and Team Competitions. Furthermore international matches and international tournaments regularly take place. Over time of the centuries Ninepin Bowling has developed to an accepted high-performance sport which highly requires technical skills and physical condition.

Furthermore Ninepin Bowling is very popular as leisure and recreational sports.

Approximately 50 years ago, the pins were set up by hand. Today microprocessors steer high modern automatic pinsetters as well as display screens for results. Instead of wood-pins and wood-balls, plastic ones are made today. Bohle and Schere lanes require wood or plastic running surface. Classic ones have exclusively plastic running surfaces implemented by using plastic-coating or building material in form of segment-plates.

Ninepin Bowling alleys suited for the ninepin bowling sport have to be built according to WNBA technical standards. Moreover they have to be checked from the responsible sections or national associations. Therewith is provided that athletic competitions worldwide take place under same unitary conditions.

Before using automatic pinsetters, running surfaces, pins and balls internationally, it is necessary to pass test procedures. This procedures should provide the permission of WNBA. This permission is obligatory for all national federations.

One of WNBA's main targets is to disseminate Ninepin Bowling world wide and to attract more nations as members.

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